*sports rehab
*sacral occipital technique
*decompression traction
*computerized analysis
*chiropractic adjustment
*nutritional consult *supplements
*Zyto Scan 
*cold laser therapy

*Weight loss consulting
*ergonomic consulting
*health coaching
*salt room treatment 
(separate location)

Family Care

picture of a young family of three people
Family care is welcomed in our office and encouraged. We have adult patients who are here with the whole family at one time and those who break into individual sessions. A healthy chiropractic life is important throughout the lifetime. 

We do provide an area in our office for children to play or relax. This is separate from our normal waiting room and fully visible when exiting the treatment rooms.  

Individual Wellness Plans

woman alone gardening
We treat each patient as a unique individual with health goals that are specific to them.  Many of our patients are adjusted weekly and take supplements for long term health. Our philosophy is not only to heal a body which is in sickness, but just as importantly maintain a balanced healthy life for those under our care. 

Individual care begins with an initial consult where we decide how and if we should work together. We like to build long term relationships with those who feel the same.

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